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Serious times demand a SERIOUS MAN, not a "Good ol' boy!!!"


Meet Gregory Cheadle, JD, MPA



Gregory Cheadle, MPA, JD, is the man for congress because he puts principle before party! His varied background and determination as an 1856 Republican to protect the defenseless, to do what is right and not what is politically correct for the country, cements his place as a candidate of the people, by the people, and for the people!


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CHEADLE is not a puppet of the filthy rich

CHEADLE is not owned by corporations

CHEADLE is not part of the old guard, good ol' boy, statist Republican Party

Think...CHEADLE for Congress!!!




Cheadle was not born "privileged" nor with the proverbial "silver spoon" in his mouth. As a consequence, he knows what it is like to struggle and pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Having lived through the era of segregation, Mr. Cheadle is an advocate for education and equal opportunity. His main areas of concern are health care and reducing the tax burden on citizens.

Mr. Cheadle's undergrad degree is in psychology (physiological) and pre-med. He has a Masters degree in Public Administration with an emphasis in healthcare administration. He recently received his Doctor of Jurisprudence (law) degree. In addition, Mr. Cheadle is a real estate broker, luxury playhouse builder, and has an emergency teaching credential that allows him to be a substitute teacher.

Always one to give back to the community, for the past 12 years Mr. Cheadle has spent his Friday nights volunteering in the ER of the local hospital.

THINK....Cheadle for Congress!!!

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We cannot expect change in others if we are not willing to be agents of change ourselves. When we remain in our own zones of comfort we perpetuate the status quo. It is only when we are willing to venture out of our zones of comfort that we can hope for change in others and at the same time come to realize the extent of our own narrow mindedness." Cheadle

"The idiocy and silence in congress regarding the elimination of the constitution is surpassed only by the idiocy and silence of those who vote them in." Cheadle