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Illegal immigration

Illegal immigration has become a curse to this country. Our jails and prisons are filled with illegal aliens, many of whom are gang members, at a cost of billions of dollars per year. Ironically, an illegal alien in prison has health and dental care that many American citizens do not have. Illegal aliens are involved in everything from property damage resulting from traffic accidents to the murder of U.S. citizens…and THEY GET AWAY WITH IT! This MUST BE STOPPED, NOW!

The government makes a big deal about private employers hiring illegal aliens. Private employers are faced with fines if they hire an illegal alien, all in the name of discouraging illegal aliens from coming here. This is nothing more than a blatant double standard. How can the government encourage illegal aliens to come here by offering any number of welfare benefits, education, and medical care, and yet punish someone for hiring them? It makes no sense!!!


    * Secure our borders
    * Enforce existing laws
    * Let states enact their own immigration policies
    * Verify all welfare recipients
    * Penalize fraudulent use of social security numbers and birth certificates
    * Penalize all forms of ID fraud
    * End the issuance of Taxpayer ID Numbers to illegal aliens
    * Terminate mandated public education for the children of illegal aliens
    * Terminate welfare – housing assistance, WIC, etc., for illegal aliens
    * Terminate mandated non-emergency medical care for illegal aliens
    * The Supreme Court must rule “anchor babies” are not U.S.citizens
    * Deport, Deport, Deport


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