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Jobs and the Economy

What we are experiencing in the economy, high unemployment, loss of jobs, decreased hiring, etc., can be directly related to burdens imposed by three things – taxes, unions, and regulation.

Businesses are faced with many taxes that serve to under_construction.htm gross receipts tax, business income taxes, sales tax, employment taxes, and franchise taxes. Additionally, a business that owns real property must pay property taxes.

We must decrease taxes in order for current businesses to flourish and to encourage the growth of new ones.

In the era of their founding, unions were a benefit to the worker because of the deplorable working conditions in many of the plants. Businesses then were in many ways abusive in their treatment of the average worker. Today, it is the union that is abusive to the worker by taking their dues, forcing them to strike, causing the employer to pay high wages that often results in fewer jobs! Unions are placing a chokehold on the economy by wielding its power. This can be seen in the current battle that Boeing Aircraft Corporation is facing with the National labor Relations Board. (NLRB).

The NLRB is an agency whose main job is the adjudicate disputes between unions and employers. As of this writing, its acting general counsel Lafe Solomon was nominated by President Obama but has yet to be confirmed by the Senate. Lafe wants to stop Boeing from building aircraft in a new building that Boeing is constructing in South Carolina. The debate stems over the fact that Boeing chose to build its planes in South Carolina because it was less expensive than to do so in the state of Washington. It is the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers that is fighting Boeing .

South Carolina is a right-to-work state. Given the strikes that Boeing has experienced in the past with the unions in Washington, it's no wonder that it chose to move to a right-to-work state. If Boeing is not allowed to make its planes in South Carolina, Boeing would be put at a competitive disadvantage against its rival Airbus. In addition, it will having a chilling effect on the economy. Should the NLRB rule in favor of the unions,  Boeing could very well decide to move its facilities to Mexico, China, or even Canada! Such a decision would have rippling effects with businesses as it would signal that America is not the place to have and do business.

EVERY state should be a right to work state so that EVERYONE has a chance to be gainfully employed.

Regulation speaks for itself. There are numerous regulations, thanks in part to the environmental movement, that frustrate business growth and expansion and hampers production.

Given the forgoing, is it any wonder that many manufacturing plants have left the United States and set up operations in business friendly countries???


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I am in favor of free markets and responsible capitalism. I am not in favor of corporatism. Responsible capitalism fosters competition and opportunity. Conversely, corporatism destroys competition, opportunirt, and jobs.