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National or Universal Health Care

The propaganda used to promote and the method used to force the vote to pass ObamaCare, consisting of more than 2700 pages legislation (which not a single legislator admitted to reading it in its entirelty prior to the vote), coupled with the infamous phrase of Nacy Pelosi prior to the vote, " We have to pass it to see what is in it!" made the bill suspect in the minds of many. . As we are finding out, ObamaCare is more about government control of the masses than anything else. If ObamaCare was such a great idea why were politicians bribed in a manner and we've never seen in the history of our country?

  • The state of Louisiana was to get $300 million more in Medicare subsidies.

  • The states of Nevada, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota and Utah were to get more Medicare money — $2 billion more.
  • Vermont was to get $600 million in added Medicaid payments. Massachusetts, almost as much.
  • Connecticut was to get $100 million to build a hospital.
  • And finally, 11 states were get an extra $8.5 billion in Medicaid simply because their representatives supported Obamacare.

Obama's socialized healthcare was forced upon us. It requires everyone to purchase it, fines you if you don't, and fines employers who don't provide it. It will add more than 10 million new people (including children born to illegal aliens) to the already saturated healthcare system. It adds thousands of IRS agents to monitor your bank accounts and make certain you pay the premium. It was written by a committee whose chairman publicly admits to not understanding it. The then Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi said publicly that we'd have to pass it to see what was in it! It was passed by a congress that had only a few hours to read its 2700+ pages of legal obtuse language. Yet, congress exempted itself from it! It was signed by a President who hid his smoking habit from the public. The funding was administered by a treasury chief who did not pay taxes. Speaking of taxes, the healthcare bill collects taxes for four years before any benefits are to take effect. It will be overseen by surgeon general who is obese and financed by a country that is in effect bankrupt. Now unemployed alcoholics can have a liver transplant for free at YOUR expense!!! ObamaCare is inept, inefficient, ineffective and only likely to get worse! Why have it???

About our National Healthcare problem:

Healthcare expenditures in 1960 were just $27.3 billion and the per capita was only $147. By 2009 healthcare expenditures had skyrocketed to $2.486 TRILLION with a per capita of $8,086 with no end in sight!!! Why is healthcare so expensive? Healthcare is expensive for several basic reasons:

   1. Healthcare is an on-demand resource available all day every day.
   2. Available and emerging technology provides diagnostic tools and machines that cost millions of dollars.
   3. Illegal aliens seek health care and are unable or unwilling to pay for it.
   4. High cost of prescription drugs.
   5. Pregnant women who are illegal aliens come to the U.S. to have their children born here, a.k.a. “anchor babies”.
   6. Although passed with good intentions the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act of 1985 (EMTALA) has resulted in the ER becoming nothing more than a high priced clinic since it forces hospitals to treat any patient that enters an ER for “emergency care” regardless of the persons ability to pay for treatment.

“Anchor babies” take a toll on our health care system because every year hundreds of thousands of pregnant women come to the U.S. for the sole purpose of having their babies born here. When the child is born it gets a U.S. birth certificate and can be issued a passport. The child also becomes eligible to sponsor for legal immigration its illegal alien mother and other relatives when the child turns 21. Additionally, these mothers have the added benefit of not having to pay for the birth thanks to the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act of 1985 (EMTALA). The cost of delivering these babies is passed on to U.S. Citizens in the form of taxes and ever rising healthcare insurance premiums.

It is argued ad nauseum that “anchor babies” are given citizenship as per the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, specifically Section 1 which states “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.” The Supreme Court has not decided the issue and as a consequence “anchor babies” will continue to be born here.

Nationalizing our health care system, arguably the best health care system in the world, is not the answer because it will serve only to bring about its speedy collapse. However, our health care system is poised for changes because of two critical factors: 1) an insufficient supply of health care professionals, 2) an ever-burgeoning unhealthy population.

The average age of a nurse in the U.S. is approaching 50. There are not enough nursing schools to meet the demand, and if there were enough schools there are not enough teachers to teach in them. It is hard to convince a nurse to leave a hospital setting where they are easily making $100,000 to go into teaching where they will make half of that. In addition, many nurses are seeking higher positions such as nurse practitioner or physician assistant.

There is a shortage of doctors and this will only get worse since fewer people are applying to medical school. In addition, fewer and fewer medical graduates are going into the specialties such as cardiology and neurosurgery that require four to 6 or more additional years of study.

However, the major impact upon of our health care system is the ever-burgeoning unhealthy population. America is no longer a well-disciplined, or at least, disciplined, nation. Discipline has been replaced with hedonism. The consequence of this is that we have now become a nation of alcoholics, drug users and abusers, and gluttons. As such, the health problems we have are self-inflicted. No health care system can remain viable where the population is given unrestricted freedom to engage in destructive behaviors.

Such pragmatic advice and reasoning is another major reason to THINK...CHEADLE for Congress!!!


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